10 July 2017

Virtual Reality Technology


As one of the first companies in Poland, we have implemented both major VR technologies in the scope of creation of virtual worlds. We work both with Oculus system, which has been taken over by Facebook, as well as with Vive system, which belongs to HTC, the telephone giant.



Oculus Rift are virtual reality goggles which provide experience that cannot be achieved anywhere else. Once the gear is on, the user is taken to a VR world, which is very difficult to tell apart from the real world. Thanks to very user-friendly controls, finding your way around the virtual world is as easy as in the real world.


HTC Vive

HTC Vive is a unique technology that takes you to a virtual world without the need to use large space. VR HTC Vive goggles allow the user to freely move around the virtual world. The user can look around and peek into any place, which enforces the impression of being in a real world rather than in a computer rendered room. Stunning graphics provide an extremely realistic experience.