17 July 2017


Gallery of screen-shots from the virtual tour.
Virtual walks have become a new tool to show the customer “finished and decorated interiors” before the building is ready. The interiors are visualized with a maximum of 120 frames per second, illuminated by a dynamic light, along with realistic shadows. The immersion achieved thanks to these techniques is something that has never before been seen in architectural visualizations.

Below are screenshots of interior design in virtual reality made by our team.



Gallery of visualization
Visualizations of interiors and architecture allow you to easily present your project to customers on a static image. This is a simpler way of presenting the concept to the client than a virtual walk or VR because it does not require any additional equipment or software, and the visualizations can simply be sent by e-mail. It also requires less time to prepare, and the effect can be close to photo.



Panoramas 360

Panorama 360 is another way to present visualizations of interiors that we can present. They allow you to “look around” so that they will show a larger part of the project, being still easy to send to the client and do not require any additional software.


Screen gallery from VR