We have just completed the latest project, a large office with an area of over 900 square meters. It has everything you need for a comfortable work in a modern office, two large open space areas, a canteen, chill-out areas, conference rooms and board rooms. The project was prepared with to presentation in the virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

On our YouTube and Vimeo channels, there is already a video that, in the form of an animation, combined with a recorded viewport from the headset, shows a “walk” throughout the all room in the office.

Throughout the office, you can move freely, moving with the help of controllers, but also walking and looking around as much as the space dedicated to the VR presentation allows.

On the outside, the building’s surroundings were reproduced in a simple form, so that the customer could more easily imagine what the view from his windows would look like.
Below is a gallery of selected shots from virtual interiors. If you need to see your building in virtual reality, please contact us by e-mail.