Colorful apartment for young people – virtual interior design

When we designing an apartment, we want it to be a friendly, warm place in which we will be happy to spend time. Modern technology helps at the design stage choose the right furniture, lamps and wallpapers and colors that will work well with the whole interior design. Below we want to present such a virtual interior design. Our technology allows for intuitive handling and free movement of the project also for those users who have not had any closer contact with the virtual reality. Both moving and interacting is based on the push of one button.

The basic advantage of presenting projects in a fully 3d environment is the ability to sense the scale of the place that is watched. This allows you to better imagine how the furniture will fit into the flat and how much space it will take. But this is not the only advantage that the VR project stands out from visualization. The second is its interactivity, the client or architect can see how the apartment will look in different lighting, for example day or night. It is also possible to prepare several color versions or changes in equipment that you can enter at the touch of a button.

Below are the screenshots of the apartment designed by our architect and made by us in virtual reality.

And here is a short video showing what sees a person using virtual reality goggles.

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