Wireless virtual reality – HTC Vive Pro

HTC made another step to increase  immersion and realism that comes from using virtual reality headset. They presented a new products such as the new Vive Pro and wireless virtual reality.

HTC presented at the CES fair in Las Vegas, the new Vive Pro model, which will go on sale soon. It will have a much higher resolution than the currently available version of the headset. Resolution in the new model is 2880×1600 pixels, which will significantly increase the detail of the displayed image.

new wireless virtual reality headset

However, this is not all that one of the main players on the virtual reality headset market has prepared for this year. The second important premiere will be an addition to the headset, allowing used it wireless. Wireless virtual reality is something that has so far been associated only with goggles adapted to smartphones. Now, the convenience of wireless moving will be combined with the much greater capabilities offered by the headset intended for use with PC. 

Both of the above solutions will give us more opportunities to prepare projects in virtual reality. The new headset will allow us to get closer to the goal of striving for full photorealism of our projects. Wireless will increase the comfort of using headset and allow our clients to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality even more. Below is link to video presenting the latest equipment from HTC.

In T3VR we can not wait for the moment when we can test new headsets and start using them to present our future projects.